Tablet Counting Machines

Tablet Counting machines from KBW Packaging, including benchtop semi-automatic, through to fully automatic. The machines will accurately count different product types. Suitable for counting coated or uncoated tablets and pills, capsules or soft gelatin capsules.

Industries and applications served include;
Pharmacy, cosmetic, veterinary, nutritional, nutraceutical, healthcare and confectionery.

The Tablet Counters are also suitable for contract packers.

Our Tablet Counting machine range covers Bench Top electronic counters through to high-speed Automatic Slat Counting machines.

Benchtop and semi-automatic machines are most suited to hospital pharmacies and companies with small to medium scale production requirements. The automatic machines are better suited to companies with larger production requirements.

KBW has also provided machines with unique applications and environments.

KBW Tablet Counting Machines incorporate the following features to maximize the efficiency and production output rates;

      • Maximum output of 1000 to 4000 tablets per minute depending on the model

      • Accurately counts coated and uncoated tablets, hard and soft gelatine, capsules and dragees

      • Digitally controlled or touch screen count adjustment

      • Accurate dispensing with excellent repeatability

      • Simple operation with fast product change over

      • Tool-free removable product contact parts

      • Product contact parts constructed from 316 stainless steel or special plastics Dust extraction point

      • Suitable for pill counting, tablet counting and capsule counting

      KBW Packaging has a complete range of Tablet Counting machines for all types of tablet applications.
      If you are unsure of the Tablet Counting machine that best suits your requirements, we are available to help guide you.


Tablet Counting Machines Tablet Counting Machines Tablet Counting Machines Tablet Counting Machines

AC 1000 Tablet Counter

AC 2000 Tablet Counter

AC 2000 Auto Counter

AC 4000 Tablet Counter