Capping Machines

KBW Packaging offers a range of Capping machines, including bench top semi-automatic, through to fully automatic. The machines will accurately tighten various screw cap types with torque control. The machine range is suitable for various cap closures; screw, ROPP, press, pump action spray and trigger spray caps.

Bench top machines are best suited to cap tightening applications. The automatic machines are better suited to larger production requirements. Plug insertion stations or additional capping requirements can also be achieved.

KBW Capping Machines, incorporate the following features, depending on model type, to maximize the efficiency and production output rates;

  • Configurable to suit Screw, Press and ROPP cap closures.

  • HMI Touchscreen with recipe control.

  • Programmable for different capping applications.

  • Complete range of capping chucks to suit all cap closure types.

  • Accurate and repeatable servo torque control.

  • Quick-Release machine elements.

  • Fast product changeovers with dedicated cap and container change parts.

  • Accurate and smooth container handling.

  • Integrated alarms / fault conditions.

KBW Packaging has a complete range of Capping machines for all types of cap applications. From Bench Top, semi-automatic, in-line, indexing and continuous motion.

If you are unsure of the Capping machine that best suits your requirements, we are available to help guide you.

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Capping Machines

AK 0040
In LineCapping Machine

AK 0060 Indexing Capping Machine

AK 0120/240 Rotary Capping Machine

AK 0001 Press Capping Machine


AK 0002 Bench or Table Top Capping Machine

SWAN 49 VS Screw Capping Machine

CM RE 500 ROPP Capping Machine

Beca Cap Closures Capping Heads